Melon and Watermelon


Marmalade that is typical in the Empordà area that was already made by our grandmothers. This is a difficult blend to prepare because three days are needed for the fruit to caramelise. It has a very sweet flavour. This is a very special marmalade as it contains pieces of melon and watermelon, which is typical in our cuisine.

Ideal to combine with a good, fresh cheese ice-cream; to put on a summer fruit salad, or to accompany a deer sirloin in autumn.

Ingredients: melon, watermelon, sugar and lemon juice.


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Technical specifications

Code CBMM01410
EAN code 8436027671558
Packing details 295 g
Units per box 6
Average weight box 1,8 kg
Expiration date 4 years
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