Marmalade made with lemons from Valencia, very rich in vitamin C and with over 25 antioxidant agents, which will be a delight to the palate of the citric religion followers.

The richness of the aromas from this fruit stimulates the production of saliva and the ascorbic acid contributes to increasing the stomach acids, so it is a fist rate natural aperitif that also favours digestion.

It combines with salted buttered toast for breakfast and it is also ideal to be used as a base for vinaigrettes for a salad or to accompany fish dishes.

Ingredients: lemons and sugar.


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Technical specifications

Code CBMM01010
EAN code 8436027671503
Packing details 300 g
Units per box 6
Average weight box 1,7 kg
Expiration date 4 years
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