Just For Cheese of black grapes


with almond shavings from Mallorca

These types of cheeses are characterised by their intensive smell, although the inside flavour is smooth and characteristic.

In order to fuse them, we have created a sweet sauce that breaks up their particular lactic, strong aromas by using the black grape, which has a watery texture and an elegantly sweet flavour that placates the offensive sensation that its skin can have. The almond shavings from Mallorca give us a crunchy touch, gustatory freshness and they will calm the taste of these types of cheeses, helping even the most sensitive palates to enjoy them.


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Technical specifications

Code CBJF00010
EAN code 8436027679233
Packing details 73 g
Units per box 12
Average weight box 900 g
Expiration date 2 years
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