Light apricot Marmalade


Delicious light apricot marmalade made with fructose. It has 30% less calories than its homonym as white sugar has not been used when making it.

The apricot is a very powerful antioxidant thanks to the enormous amount of vitamin A that it has in the shape of beta-carotenes, which are responsible for the yellow tone of this fruit’s skin. Beta-carotene helps to neutralise free radicals that are responsible for cell ageing.

It is ideal for breakfast, on toast with margarine or as a snack, adding it to a bowl of muesli and a low-fat apricot yogurt.

Ingredients: apricots, fructose, lemon juice and apple pectin.


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Technical specifications

Code CBLH00210
EAN code 8436027671213
Packing details 265 g
Units per box 6
Average weight box 1,7 kg
Expiration date 4 years
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